On August 15, 1932, Maria Zitzler, born Hölbling, together with her husband
Alfons decided to carry out their project of building an Alpine hotel above Rum.
In memory of Saint Canisius, who often used to take a rest beside the watering
place in front of the house, the landlords had a little column erected. Since that
time, their place, the "Canisiusbrünnl" (little fountain of Canisius) has become
known and popular as a traditional destination for trips.  Margit and Herbert
Hölbling later enlarged and modernized the hotel by three stages.
At the last transformation, twelve modern and spacious apartments have been
installed, the hotel's capacity thus increasing to 45 beds.
The today's Canisiusbrünnl Hotel is a establishment which, by providing for well-feeling, satisfied not only customers from Austria, America, Germany, Italy,
France, and Spain, but also a family of sheiks from Dubay, as well as
the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia
with his family.