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Winter sports

Rum is surrounded by the majestic peak of the Alps and they are a natural playground for any sports and outdoor enthusiast. The excellent infrastructure combined with modern lifts and a wide variety of winter sports facilities – from ski jump to ice track – all contribute to the region’s appeal and so it comes as no surprise that Innsbruck has been hosting the Olympic Winter Games more than once. The sheer number of huts and restaurants that offer respite from the cold and allow you to recharge your batteries before your next run are just an extra bonus.

Skiing and snowboarding

There are several ski areas around Innsbruck that offer fun for beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders. All ski areas that are part of the Olympia SkiWorld Innsbruck can be easily reached from the Canisiusbrünnl. 

  • Nordkette/Seegrube (approx. 20 min by car)
  • Patscherkofel (approx. 25 min by car)
  • Glungezer (approx. 25 min by car)
  • Mutterer Alm (approx. 30 min by car)
  • Axamer Lizum (approx. 30 min by car)
  • Schlick 2000 (approx. 30 min by car)
  • Rangger Köpfl/Oberperfuss (ca. 35 min by car)
  • Kühtai (approx. 45 min by car)
  • Stubaier Gletscher (approx. 50 min by car)

You can rent skis and all other equipment at any of these resorts. 


If you want to enjoy the clear and crisp winter air not only on- but also off the slopes, Hochrum and its surroundings is the ideal destination for your winter holiday. The Rumer Alm kis easily accessible on foot – it is an easy hike of not more than an hour away and conditions permitting, the trail also serves as a toboggan run, which conveniently ends right outside the Canisiusbrünnl. Stop in at the Alm to boost your energy levels before making your way back down again. 

The Canisiusbrünnl itself is an ideal base for a number of hikes that are particularly charming in winter when they are leading you through a landscape covered in snow. Far away from the slopes you will find a slower and more leisurely pace. There are plenty of cosy huts to choose from, such as the Arzler Alm or the Umbrüggler Alm.


Ice rink and other icy adventures

If the temperatures are low enough, you can use the ice skating rink at the Olympic Stadium – and in case this is not enough adventurous for you, you can always give the Olympic ice track a try.